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We want the best for you, our clients also want to help you decide to recharge your health. Here is what they have to say, I wonder how long it will be before your on this page?.
Katherine Ferris

Katherine Ferris

"I just had to share my positive experience of both the Light Infrared Therapy and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After each treatment my aches and pains are reducing, I sleep more soundly and wake up with more bounce and energy. The bloating is reduced, I feel lighter and slimmer. And best benefit of all no more reflux because my digestion has improved. I highly recommend the friendly and caring services.
FaceBook Recommendation from 14 December 2018."

Stacey Jacobs

Stacey Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer
Aylan is wonderful. He has honestly already changed my life after four sessions. I will certainly be continuing working with him in the future, not because I haven't reached my goals, but because I believe there is so much more that we can work on. He is also kind, holds no judgement and you can tell that his approach is very specific to your needs and not a 'stack-em-high sell-em cheap' solution. Couldn't recommend more highly!★★★★★ Google Maps Review from a year ago."
Corrin Sheridan

Cörrin Sheridan

Owner 150 Below Cryotherapy
I went in not knowing what full body light therapy could do for me, after about 7 sessions and 3 weeks out from my wedding I can highly recommend i felt like my skin was silky smooth and have a natural glow from within, If you are walking down the isle or just need to look your best this is a must have in your beauty regimen.
FaceBook Recommendation from 1 Febuary 2019."

"Really worth a visit! State of the art equipment at affordable prices. If health and vitality is what you after, than look no further."



"Had a Great Experience with Aylan! Stopped Smoking Immediately after one session with him, totally altered my train of thought about smoking. Would highly recommend him to anyone."


"To change the thoughts and behaviours that limit you being the happiest you can be you need to access and process the learnt behaviours of your past. Hypnosis allows you do this in the bee.."


"Aylan is amazing! 

A  safe and secure place to explore what's going on with your emotions and feelings, hypnotherapy really addresses the issues quickly and effectively. 

 Aylan has truly changed my life and the way I see myself... Forever grateful."



"To change the thoughts and behaviours that limit you being the happiest you can be you need to access and process the learnt behaviours of your past. Hypnosis allows you do this in the best possible way. You can access your fears and deal with them in a secure safe environment under guidance of a hypnotherapist. Alyan is a skilled hypnotherapist who applies his craft with great insight and care.."



"Thank you for making me so successful in giving up smoking. I haven't had a cigarette for 4 years 3 months.I smoked for 28 years and was a packet a day smoker. I had several tries with Hypnotherapy but none were successful. I am a new person and never think of having a cigarette. My family are so proud of me but i owe it all to Aylan Seal. Amazing results and Aylan made me feel very comfortable while doing Hypno. Would highly recommend."


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