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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - mHBOT, This advanced safe non-invasive specialist therapy, reduces recovery time from surgery, illness and fatigue. 
Improves performance in sports and fitness
Repair your stressed body.

Proven to Benefit your health

Oxygen is our primary life source, normally its transported via the red blood cells only, but when delivered underpressure it desolves in to the bodies fluids. Combine this porcess with the increased amount of oxygen. This enables cells to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and grow new blood vessels.  The affects are cumulative and progressive.

Increase your ability to heal, and improve quality of life.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is under increased atmospheric pressure, combining oxygen levels of 97%, helping to significantly improve a wide range of ailments.
This enables the oxygen to disolve into the bodies fluids including the plasma, lymph fuids, nervous system and bones, to name but a few. 
The newly disolved fluid can travel into areas with damaged tissue, inflammed areas, even areas that have been compromised or may have no circulation. This makes it so much more beneficial than the
normal method via red blood cells alone. 
The increased levels of oxygen also super charge your white blood cells, they can the kill more bacteria, reduce inflamation and swelling quickly, boosting the ability to grow new blood vessels and capillaries. Promotes new nerve growth in the brain, boosting the supply of circulating stem cells.
The latest research also backs up the finds of slowing cancer growths down, boosts the efficacy of cancer drugs, whilst reducing radiation, induced inflammation in bones and tissue.
Healing of injuries & surgeries
Inflammation & pain
Cancer treatment support
Slow cancer growth down
Supports faster wound healing
Energy & chronic fatigue
Brain Repair
Stress & anxiety
Sports recovery & performance
Increased collagen production, slow down the  ageing process
Migraine headaches

Oxygen for life.

Easy Steps


Book your session 

A typical session is between 60-90 minutes this time is specifically for you, to improve your health and wellbeing.


During the session

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a very comfortable place to relax, meditate, read a book, or sleep, the choice is yours.


After the session

You can begin to enjoy the benefits after your very first session, I know you will sleep well that night, like most great therapies the more you experience the therapy the more you benefit, it's effects and benefits are culmulative.


Don't just listen to what we have to say about our recharge centre, listen to the clients that are enjoying the benefits.


"I just had to share my positive experience of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After each treatment my aches and pains are reducing, I sleep more soundly and wake up with more bounce and energy. The bloating is reduced, I feel lighter and slimmer. And best benefit of all no more reflux because my digestion has improved. I highly recommend the friendly and caring services ."


"Advanced Holistic Health is really worth the visit! State of the art equipment at affordable prices. If health and vitality is what your after, then look no further, my asthma as improved so much."


" I love oxygen therapy, it revitlises me and keeps me going within my busy work life."
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Our pricing structure is unique, we want you to be able to afford to maintain a healthy life for longer without it costing the earth. We offer a price per session option and a pass to use all equipment option.

Price per session, each pack is a reduction of $10 per individual session
1 Individual x 1 Hour - $75
5 Pack x 1 Hour - $325
10 Pack x 1 Hour - $550

Price per Pass options, the pass options allows you to use any or all of the equipment within the pass period, as per safe use standards.
1 day $100
1 week $200
1 month $400
Book your appointement now, your health deserves it, if not now, when!!!!

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