Light Therapy 

Also known as Photobiomodulation
LLL - Low Level LED Therapy

Light Therapy also know as photobiomodulation

Since the invention of lasers , light therapy as been developed. What is it, specifically? Red light therapy uses certain wavelengths of light to restore, repair, and protect tissue that is either injured, degenerating, or at risk of dying. While varying wavelengths affect the body differently, as far as healing with red light is concerned, the most effective wavelengths range from 630-670nm and 810-880nm.
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Red light therapy

Our 3 forms of Light Therapy

LED / Red/ Blue / Near Infrared light therapy treatments, to improve aspects of your inner body.

Facial LED Light Therapy Treatments 

Facial LED light therapy, is well known in the beauty industry. 
RED LIGHT - wave length 640nm, improves blood circulation - skin cell regenration - wound regeneration- relieves pain.
BLUE LIGHT - wave length 423 nm, kills acinetorbacter the cause of acne - inhibits the sebaceous glands - wound regenration  prevention of wound infections.
GREEN LIGHT - wave length 532nm - calms the skin - improves sensitive skin - quietens the body and mind.
YELLOW LIGHT - wave length 582 nm - improves red tide erythema - treatment of pigment - lessions early herpes zoster. We offer the same treatment as any beautician at more affordable prices.  
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Full Body Red/Blue/ Near Infrared LED light Bed

When  blue red and near infrared are delivered to the body, the  body responds  very favourably. Blue light kills bacteria on the skin that causes acne, heals wounds and prevents infections,  when delivered with red led that  improves circulation and improves blood flow and increases collagen production and repairs skin damage.  We then take it to the next level by including near infra red Light not visible to the naked eye, but so beneficial in cell health, and  immunity, increase the speed in healing wounds and oxygenation of tissue, with amazing anti-againg properties, for your benefit. 
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Full body red blue near infrared LED light bed
Far Infrared Sauna therapy

Heat and light

Combining RED LED light with Far infrared Sauna to take your skin to the next level. Our combination sauna is amazing at improving internal cellular health as well as your skin and general health. 
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Easy Steps


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If your recovering from illness or injury, or simply lost a little of your usual energy, or perhaps you want to keep your youthful looks, book the right light therapy for you. We offer a free consultation to advise you.


What to expect during a Light session 

Facial sessions run for 20 minutes makeup to have been removed before you arrive please. Full body light sessions are 25 minutes and again makeup to have been removed to ensure you gain the maximum benefits of the light - Red light saunas  time will depend on your will individual requirements and will be between 20 and 45 minutes, and showers available.


Post Session

You will sleep so soundly after your first session, and many feel the benefits immediatly, others is may take a little longer, we are all different, the effects are culmulative the more you use the light therapy the more you benefit from the treatments.
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Don't just take our word for how amazing the results can be, read what some of our clients say about there experience.
I went in not  knowing what  the full body light therapy could do for me, after 7 sessions and 3 weeks from my wedding. My skin was silky smooth a natural glow from witin. I would highly recommend a course of treatments if your about to walk up the isle or you just need to look your best. I looked amazing on my wedding day, thank you


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Led Sauana

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