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When your ready to change, we can help. Hypnotherapy is a proven way to change, take control of your life and move forward. All the best things take a little time, but hey your worth it. 
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Hypnosis good for anxiety and depression

Three top requests for Hypnotherapy

* 1 - Stop Smoking
* 2 - Anxiety
* 3 - Weight Managment
1 - Over 90% of smokers stop smoking with hypnosis, It's the number one way to stop. You are in control of your mind, and your mind is in control of your body. Change the way you think about your habits, you change the behaviour assoctiated. The subconscious is the driver of your mind and body, doing what it believe's you want. 
When you update your subconscious to believe you dont want to keep doing this behavoiur, quess what you don't.
2 - Anxiety is a very natural response, however in today's lifestyle, our mind produce overwhelming responces  to life. These come in the form of thoughts, or feeling. These natural bio feedback loops can feel like they come from nowhere and consume us. When your mind is more balanced and the feelings calmed you take on all of lifes hassels and deal with them.

Yes I know that sounds easy, but your reality as been telling you something very different. Change your thoughts you change your life, Simple.
3 - Weight management, this world epidemic of an issue, truly consumes many people. Old beliefs that hold you back and prevent you from achieving the shape and size you want. In some cases unrealistic expectations can also prevent success. You mind is a powerful tool, used for good great things can happen, used incorrectly and you life can be very different 
By making small changes to beliefs, habits, behavoiur and emotions, you can achieve the desired shape and size.

Easy Steps


Pre Session

Be clear in what you want out of the session, and be ready to make that change, for things to change you will have to change. Thinking about what actions you can bring to the session, will make the transission easier.


Actual Session

Hypnosis is a tool, that enables you mind to make the desired changes within your life. It is a state of control, in which you integrate your new behaviours or habits or emotions. We work together to achieve the success you came for. 


Post Session

After the session this is when you implement the actions agreed upon within the session. Making the right choices and truly being present within your life makes all the difference to the quality of your life. One action after the next make's the change so much easier than you could have imagined possible.
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