Farinfrared Sauna is simply
Better for You.

Our Bodies need to detoxify

What is infrared?

Infrared is the light naturally produces by the sun. The very warmth that you experience when you are outside in the sun - healthy, natural, and safe heat. Infrared sauna is the solution to soothing, smooth and simple treatment for a variety of conditions.
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Infrared Saunas: benefits and why?

Saunas can quickly and effectively help you get back to feeling amazing again. Sauna therapy has been around for centuries as a way to detoxify your body, but did you know that infrared saunas go even further by heating up your body’s core to a cellular level, where most toxins are stored?
Infrared’s deep penetrating heat is what most effectively stimulates metabolic activity, which in turn triggers the release of stored toxins through sweat, as well as through the liver and kidneys.
Think about it: this is why your body goes into fever conditions when you’re sick— a hotter body increases metabolic activity, kills unwanted intruders, and stimulates the release of toxins. Viruses and sometimes even tumor cells can be destroyed in the face of heat.
Far infrared saunas recreate your body’s fever-like response condition but raising your core body temperature, to make you feel even better inside and out.
Sweating is a critical human detox function, yet most people don’t sweat regularly or enough. Sweating helps the body make use of its ability to use the skin to eliminate toxins. The body is very effective at eliminating toxins this way, but it only works if we make the body sweat.
Worse, many of us sit at desks all day, and in air-conditioned indoor environments. In these conditions, the skin stores the toxins with little opportunity to eliminate them.
To combat these effects, infrared sauna systems help us to purify our bodies from the inside out.

Easy Steps


Pre Sauna Session

Drink plenty of fluids, minimum of 750ml, and continue to drink throught the session.


Actual Session

Start off with 20- 30 minutes and listen to your body, if you feel flu like symptoms or to hot, leave the sauna. Keep drinking your water throught. 


Post Sauna Session

Continue to drink water, and supplyment with electrolytes, and begin to enjoy the benefits, cleansing and flushing toxins, relieving your stress levels, helping  you to sleep more soundly, burning more calories, helping to fight off illness and improve your cardiovascular system.
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