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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field - PEMF 

The Mitochondria, the battery packs of your cells, and how strong they are affects everything you do. What if you could charge up your mitochondria directly?.  In a sense, plug them in? PEMF therapy comes pretty close.

PEMF is safe

PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and even to stimulate organs.

PEMF Therapy - Studies

It’s a safe level of EMFs. The therapeutic frequency of PEMFs look a lot like the frequencies you encounter in nature, so your body knows how to deal with it. Most PEMF treatments and maintenance will fall in the 5-30 Hz range, which is less than you get from a thunderstorm.

What’s more is that, PEMF treatment is pulsed and brief, so you don’t have extended exposure like you would sitting under a cell phone tower all day. Most PEMF treatments last 10-20 minutes and deliver short bursts the whole time, instead of constant exposure. So, you can get all of the benefits of PEMF without the negative effects that come with man-made EMF sources like electronics.

Research has demonstrated that PEMF healed bones faster, helped regenerate parts of the liver that had been removed, reduced pain from arthritis and more. 

All by transferring energy, PEMF has been used to improve functions like:
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Rate of injury healing
Immune function.
Bone healing and density.
Physical energy.

What to expect


Pre Session

If you are pregnant or have electronic implants, this therapy is not for you, Sorry. Each treatment can last from between 30 - 55 minutes in length, and will be in 2 parts.


The Session

Treatments require lying down on a full body mat or leaning up against a pillow pad on a chair fully clothed. Treatment frequency can be every other day, every two days, once a week… it depends on the specific circumstances of each individual. Part of the benefits of PEMF is that the cells will begin to work more efficiently and one of the effects is detoxifying quicker, so drink plenty of water to help this process along.  Clients typically notice something after 3 to 6 treatments and therefore get a sense of the general direction the therapy is heading towards. Again, this can be very individual.


Post Session

Most Clients after a treatment session say they experience -Less pain Greater range of motion in joints - Increased energy - Increased sense of well-being - Improved sleep.
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