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Recharge your mind and body

The need to recharge comes from many different reasons. Sickness, surgery, chronic disease, age related, or perhaps you're a weekend warrior, or one of the growing number of people proactivly looking after your health and wellness. You may also simply want to improve your sports or athletic performance. We are here to help you.  

The Mind 

We offer proven ways to help you achieve a more balanced mind. The way you think and respond to life has been linked to an unhappy life, stress and more dangerously chronic illness. The more balanced the mind, the easier it is to overcome life's challenges, and live a healthier life.  


Hypnotherapy to reprogram your subconsious mind to achieve your desired outcome. Change habits, patterns of behavior, improve specific aspects of your life.


A quite mind is a strong mind, the emotionally balanced you are, the more resiliant you can be. This profound behaviour can truly change your life for the better.


When you learn to be present, the more you can achieve your best outcome, within your life. Something so simple can transform your life, learn to be present in your life.

The Body

On average from the age of 35 our cellular fuction declines. This process can be even quicker if you have experienced sickness, or continuous stress levels. The body becomes fatigued, we offer the latest scientifically proven to produce beneficial changes within your body to improve cellular function and better health overhaul. These pieces of equipments might extend your life, or at the very least they will improve the quality of your life.

Light - LED light therapy also known as PBM Photobiomodulation

LED Light therapy brings you all the therapeutic benefits of light without the harmfull rays of the sun. We offer a number of different treatments these include - Facials - Full Body both are non heat transfering meaning  they are safe for all ages and can experienced with no downtime, such as lunch breaks. More informtion below on heat transfered light therapy.

Oxygen - MHBOT Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen 

Oxygen the main factor in our survival of life, and when delivered in a pressurised environment we can absorb more easily, this reduces healing time from sickness and surgery reducing inflammation. MHBOT is proven to help cancer patients boosting efficacy of chemotherapy drugs. Boosts the supplu of circulating stem cells Improves performance within sports and fitness, increase the ability to  achieve more.

Heat - Far Infrared + Red LED Light Sauna   

Our Far infrared sauna, is the original detox experience, your heated from within your body. Combine this with Red LED light your cellular health will be totally recharged. Removing toxins from the body as well as increasing the ATP (the fuel source for every cell) production within your body, so many benefits to your health and beauty. 

Magnetics - PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy recharges every cell within your body. Improved cellular function to help reduce pain levels, speed up the healing process, or if your healthy will simply balance out your entire body, giving an overhaul sense of wellbeing. 

"I just had to share my positive experience of both the Light Infrared Therapy and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After each treatment my aches and pains are reducing, I sleep more soundly and wake up with more bounce and energy. The bloating is reduced, I feel lighter and slimmer. And best benefit of all no more reflux because my digestion has improved."


"Really worth a visit! 

State of the art equipment
 at affordable prices.

If health and vitality is what your after, then look no further."


" Since my ver y first session on the Light bed, I have felt wonderful. My skin looks so much healthier. I am constantly getting comment like, you look like your glowing. My energy levels have also increased somethinmg I wasn't expecting to happen, but I am loving it. I would recomend Advanced Holistic Health to anyone."


"Aylan is wonderful. He has honestly already changed my life after four sessions. I will certainly be continuing working with him in the future, not because I haven't reached my goals, but because I believe there is so much more that we can work on. He is also kind, holds no judgement and you can tell that his approach is very specific to your needs and not a 'stack-em-high sell-em cheap' solution. Couldn't recommend more highly."


"July 16 marks the 2 years and 7 month's anniversary of me quitting smoking forever..!! A big shout out to Aylan, who took me from a committed smoker of many years to a non smoker virtually overnight. I was ready to quit, and Aylan took me down the path to success. The process was relatively simple and, most of all it, was empowering. Thank you again Aylan."


"Had a Great Experience with Aylan! Stopped Smoking Immediately after one session with him, totally altered my train of thought about smoking. Would highly recommend him to anyone"


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